Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mecha design process

It's been a long while since I posted.
I'm doing this particular design in steps, and will add to this post as I move along with the design.
The newest image will be on top of the list.
The basic premise: A simple mass production mecha model without a head and with the ability to design some variant models... oh, and a reasonable polygon count.

Stage 6: added some more detailing to various parts, as well as modifying some of the materials a bit.

Fifth stage: added some basic materials, next up, more detailing.
Poly count for this stage model: 2K'ish faces
Materials acquired from:

Fourth stage: Legs reworked, next up, texturing

Third stage: arms reworked, now busy with the legs.

First stage was just a crude first design to figure out the general layout of the machine, and in the second stage I expanded on the cockpit and spine sections of the machine.
Polygon count is still quite low, with just under 2K faces for both models combined.

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