Thursday, May 9, 2013

3D scanning experiment

I've had this fun little experiment in my head for a short while now, and I decided to give it a go.

I've basically just improvised a crude 3D scanner.

Components used:
- Trust spotlight webcam (paid around 9,99€)
- Laser level square (was lying around in garage, price unknown, but didn't feel like getting the parts required to build diy line laser)
- David laserscanner software (free)
- Sheet of cardboard/foam plates at a 90° angle to keep calibration sheet in place.

Here's a single angle attempt at scanning so far:
 It's a scan of a little sculpt I did a few years ago.

Issues I have yet to properly resolve:
- The residues you see around the scan results. Can probably resolved through more controlled sweeping of the laser line and tweaking of the scanning corner.

Issues I have run across and found a solution for:
- Can't start camera error: under hardware setup, click the camera format button, and set up the format. The camera should start up now.
- Calibration issues: Place the camera close enough to the scanning corner, make sure enough of the markers are in frame, use a flashlight/lamp to illuminate the scanning corner and tweak the cam properties (contrast and brightness specifically)
- Laser not detected: Change the cam properties, again tweak contrast and brightness.

Software can be downloaded at:

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