Monday, August 13, 2012

Some of my other artwork

As you may have noticed already, I tend to overspecialize in scifi and mecha art.

Here are a few of my slightly older, other works.

In this work, I wanted to create a mix of mechanical work, with a cold touch, but still include a bit of feminine beauty.
I kinda like the results, but I'm pretty sure I still could've added more to it.
There's a chance I'll remake it sometime in the future.

This one is a remake of one of my even older works.
I wanted to create an image of a rediculous confrontation, therefore I devised a scene of a massive djinni inspired robotic being being confronted by a tiny warrior with a bucket for a helmet, a wooden sword and a deformed wooden shield.
Even now I still see the humor in this work.

This is a slightly more static image of a parked mecha at a military base doing... Basically nothing.

A small concept image of what is to be be a massive construction unit.
Had fun drawing this one too.

Well, guys, that's all for now.
Next post will be about bugs and mutants and the like.

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