Monday, August 13, 2012

Some of my more organic artwork

I know it hasn't even been an hour since my last post, but don't worry.
I'm already running out of "presentable" concept art. :D

This post concerns artwork with a slightly more organic touch to it.
For instance, I 3D painted this guy here with sculptris this weekend.
Had fun doing it too.

I went for a demonic beetle vibe with some samurai mixed in for good measure.
Here's a full body shot thrown in for good measure.
I'm aware that the stuff below the abdomen wasn't really up to par with the rest of the scene, but the program suddenly decided it didn't really feel like working with me anymore.
Must've hit some sort of polygon limit?
I think it didn't turn out too bad for a first experiment.

I also drew some stuff with a combination of alchemy and thegimp
Take this obviously resident evil inspired fellow.
I think I overdid it with the cartoony elements here, though.

This guy here is either a bug or a feature.
I leave that up to you guys to decide, but it was my first semi-serious attempt at doing something useful with alchemy.

The next two are made completely in thegimp

This is just a random design element, but I thought it was semi-cool enough to show you guys.

I basically drew this, then added a few fillers for cooler effects.
Meet the bugman!

That's all for the mutants and organic stuff for now, guys.
But with my discovery of sculptris, expect more from this department in the nearby future.

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