Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dealing with ransomware

I've just had a fun run-in with the so-called police virus.

The version I encountered basically locks up your computer, attempts to access your webcam and shows a full screen notification with several police logos and a note that if I don't deposit 100€ as a fine, legal action will be taken.
Starting the computer in safe mode did not work, because windows immediately rebooted upon startup.

Don't panic if it happens to you. The authorities are not involved.
Also, do not pay, it will only encourage others to pull off similar stunts.

Steps taken to solve the problem:

- Intall Hitman pro kickstart (Link) on a usb drive using another computer

- Boot from the usb drive ( For asus, boot selection activates by holding esc from the moment you press the power button)

- Choose option 3

- System will start up and hitman pro kickstart will override all other processes and appear fullscreen.

- Start the scan and let it run

- Reboot

- Full system scan with malwarebytes and avast for good measure

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