Monday, January 14, 2013

Windows 8, just had the displeasure of getting acquainted with it.

Alright, just went to buy a new laptop for my family to use, and it came with windows 8 pre-installed.

After getting a good look at the new metro UI, I pretty much came to the following conclusion.
This is not a bad smartphone interface, now what the hell is it doing on a laptop?

For me, microsoft products always had the practical, customizable aspect going for them, a practical workstation layout that is still workable when cluttered with links and programs.
I dare say that this approach flew out the window. (bad pun, I know.)

This new layout seems to have been made for people with attention deficit disorders, while completely neglecting the standing fanbase/clientele.
It would have been great/polite to include the option to revert to basic layout, but the pompous pricks kind designers who made windows 8 were too sure of their new system to include this option, despite the clear criticism on test versions.
Luckily a third party adressed this issue and designed the Classic shell program to provide a decent windows UI, and so far it is working quite well.

I'd like to point out that, even as a smartphone UI, android still seems to beat windows 8 by several miles, at least according to my humble opinion.

I feel that we, as customers, need to make a statement here.
When buying a new computer, AND when given the option, stick with windows 7, as it works well, it's practical, it's stable and your brand new laptop doesn't feel like a bloody smartphone.
Microsoft seems to have learned nothing from vista.

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