Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alchemy sketch: beast soldier

Here's my latest sketch.

Alchemy is a great tool for the initial sketching stages of a work.
It's very fun to use and provides great workflow.
It's also very fun as a platform for exercising due to one defining feature (or lack thereof): there is no undo button.
Try it out for a spin yourself, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Update: assault mech

I've added some materials to the assault mech mesh I've shown you guys a short while ago.
As you've probably noticed, I tried going for a touch of mechwarrior with this one.

- Dorsal mounted medium particle accelerator cannon.
- Side mounted four barrel caseless high explosive shell launcher X2

 To be added:
- More materials
- Some textures

Blender render of the day: tank droid

Blender render of the day, a medium sized combat droid in basic configuration.
Upgrades may include: Additional armor, spine guard and shoulder guns.