Monday, September 24, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Netbook autopsy

Around a year or so ago, I owned a compaq netbook.
It was pretty worn out by that time, to the point where the shell had a major crack along the length, and where I already had to repeatedly screw the screen brackets back in place (eventually just glued them in place)
Someone didn't see the power cord on the ground, and apparantly, these things can't withstand a one meter fall, so after a year and a half of decent service, it was pretty much beyond repair.

The thing was pretty much busted, and I did what every self respecting tech geek would do when equipment breaks out of warranty.
I pulled the thing apart to scavenge for parts, of course.
Here's the results, taken about a year ago.

As a sidenote, I didn't really get any useful parts from it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More 3D stuff, this time voxel based.

I just discovered 3D-Coat V3, and here's what I pulled off in 15 minutes.
Nifty little program, and a lot more "responsive" than sculptris ever was.

Some random alchemy sketches I made today

Drawn in alchemy, gradient'ed in gimp

Quick female form study.
Didn't think it worked out too well.
Random freaky sketchy bit.
Quick bot design
Bot inspired sword hilt/Henshin device.
Messing around with the brush options here, went for a messy effect.
Creepy alien old guy
Wanted something symbol-like

I dub this one "the divine jester"

That's all for now, guys.

Alchemy is a lot more fun, and has more to offer than I recalled.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rendered a strange scene just now

Just had an interesting sculptris session just now.
Here's the result of said session.
A mecha stuck in some sort of spherical prison.

Angel icon

Here's the opposite of my last alchemy+thegimp sketch.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dinoman phase 1

I made another sculptris sculpture, this time going for a bit of a superhero motif.
Does anyone have any pointers on how to color this guy?

Exceed concept

Quick thegimp sketch

Alchemy + thegimp sketch icon

Made a quick sketch with a combination of alchemy and thegimp

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My annoyances with computer problems

Allright, this will be my last post regarding this subject.

First of all, I'm using an asus X73S model laptop.

Around two months or so ago, the power supply to my laptop started acting a bit wonky, the adaptor plug had to be inserted at a particular angle to work, and even then was unstable.
Eventually it became necessary to apply pressure to get the thing to work properly, gradually more and more pressure to be specific.
There was also a sign I had ignored at the time, it became increasingly harder to pull the plug out.
When I noticed the plug of the adaptor also started heating up, I really started to get worried and started to recharge in short bursts.

After a while, the following happened:

What I found when I took out the pin was that it was coated with burned plastic, and the plug for the adaptor also happened to have a plastic layer on the inside

Last friday, when I tried to take it to the store, they told me, as expected, that the general treatment is to simply swap out the motherboard for 300-400€.
I went to a smaller computer store, and they said they would repair it by swapping out the dc power jack for around 115€, but the lady was rather rude and absolutely fixated on the fact that we were at fault for the damages. (If she hadn't started repeating this, she'd probably be around 80€ richer right now.)
I then went to another store where I just ordered a new dc power jack for 25€, which arrived yesterday.

Because I didn't have any desoldering tools at hand, I had to destroy the broken part to be able to solder the pins out.
The replacement part did have a smaller cross section that the original part, which would've been a problem if I had intended to use my old adaptor (no thanks, don't want to ruin this jack too.) instead of this universal adaptor I still had lying around here.
In the end it all worked out and now my laptop is charging perfectly.